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Greenmont Hopworks is a family-owned hop and small grain producer located just south of Charlottesville in Esmont, Virginia. At Greenmont our focus is on providing high-quality ingredients to the craft beer and spirits industry, with a special focus on breweries located here in Virginia. Currently, we're grow Cascade and Chinook hops as well as several small grains that can be used in malting and distilling. Our core offering is a rare, historic hop we found growing wild on the property. We have since cultivated this Greenmont Mother variety and made it the focus of our agricultural team.  It's unique to our farm, which local breweries have adored for its novelty.  Greenmont Mother is excellent for ale-style brews.

Greenmont Farm

Greenmont Farm has been in operation for over 100 years, growing a variety of crops and livestock. For the first half of that lifespan, it operated primarily as a Black Angus cattle farm. Over the last 40 years, the farm's offerings shifted away from livestock and on to a diversified selection of products such as corn, soybeans and hay.


Begining in 2015, the crop offerings expanded further to include hops, hemp, and specialty grains such as barley and rye. Check out the hopyard section of our site to read more specifics about the hops being grown on the farm today.

Greenmont Farm
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