The Hopyard

We currently have three hopyards, where we grow our own Greenmont Mother hops, cultivated from a unique wild Virginia variety.

We also grow a lot of Cascade and Chinook hops. 

In Summer 2017 we grew our yard by 7 acres, adding 700 crowns of Chinook as well as 150 crowns of Newport and 150 crowns of Crystal. Check out the descriptions of each commercial hop variety below.


Cascade hops are generally used in beers for their floral and citrus aroma and are very popular because of their balanced bittering potential in brewing. Cascade hops originated from a USDA breeding program started in the 1950s and were released to the public in 1972. Cascade is by far the most popular hop variety used in craft brewing today.


Chinook hops were also developed by a USDA breeding program but was released later than Cascade, in 1985. Because of Chinook's high alpha acid profile, it's used both as a bittering hop and an aromatic hop. Chinook brings aromatic notes of spice, citrus and pine while imparting a distinct, bitter flavor. 


Newport was developed from Magnum breeding programs in 1992 through the USDA. Newport is a high Alpha bittering hop with more prominent aromatics than Magnum varieties. Newport was bred for both downy and powdery mildew resistance and brings earthy pine and citrus aromas to the brew.


Another product of the USDA's prolific hop breeding program, Crystal is a dynamite combination of Hallertau, Cascade, Brewer's Gold and Early Green varieties. Crystal is an aromatic hop that complements a wide range of styles with a woody, fresh aroma. A low alpha acid profile makes it a great addition to higher alpha hops with lower aromatic profiles.