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Greenmont Mother

greenmont mother.jpg

Discovered wild, cultivated on-site

We found hops growing wild at Greenmont and have since cultivated the root stock (rhizomes), grown them in a range of environments at our farm, and bred our own product.  Genetic testing revealed that we found a North American wild hop, Humulus Lupus Lupuloides. We named this hop Greenmont Mother (TM).

Two specific compounds of the Greenmont Mother, Cohumulone and Myrcene, are unique. Cohumulone is one of five alpha acids that contributes to bitterness, and it's high in Greenmont Mother. However, since the total amount of Cohumulone is only a small portion of the total alpha acid (2.80- Low alpha), the total bitterness in a final product is low. Myrcene (50.63) is a terpene that is usually attributed to a peppery/ spicy/ balsam fragrance, and also high in Greenmont Mother.

These wild hops have more romance in regards to terroir, meaning it did not grow wild following hundreds of years of cultivation. They are particularly suited for European ale-style brewing.

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